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As the global leader in HybridPCs, SolarPC provides the most extensive line of non-proprietary Small Form Factor (SFF) computers available. These include both laptops and portables. Most SPC machines are based on the CBB (Common Building Block) concept and feature VBI interchangeable components. CBB promotes standardization to enable organizations to maximize uptime and minimize the total cost of PC ownership.

SolarPC is committed to producing long life, stylish "classic" designs that are environmentally friendly, (RoHS compliant), upgradable, and easy to use. They are extremely energy efficient as they run off 12 or 19 volt DC power. All portable cases and related peripherals are based on the "SolarSystem". The SolarSystem is a unique modular design concept that has been refined over the past 10 years. It is used to create high quality, lightweight, small and quiet computers for industrial, office, home and mobile applications. Many of these systems have no moving parts and all SolarPC portables can be DIN rail mounted or rack mounted.

Style is important but performance is paramount. SolarPC will not disappoint with a lineup that includes the latest generation of Intel 945-based hybrid portable and laptop systems. Many of these models support dual core Pentium "M" processors, VIIV and SCS SATA R A I D. Bottom line, for low cost, low wattage applications, no one offers more value than SolarPC. For even lower cost, low power applications, SolarPC also offers hybrid systems based on AMD Geode chipsets such as on the Jetway J8F9-P-LF board.

SolarPCs provide true value with rugged and reliable products that are built for the long term. That same trustworthy spirit can be found in the highly regarded Open Source based Ubuntu Operating System Software and Office Application Suite. Ubuntu or Kubuntu Suites can be preloaded on all SPC machines. Dual boot Linux/Windows installations are also available.

SolarPC systems can provide advanced functions that empower users with powerful capabilities using preloaded SPC software solutions including:


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